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architecture drawing printing


Last week,Esprawell crew have go to The 19th International Architecture Interior Design & Building Exhibition Malaysia located at KLCC. The expo start from 10 am until 7pm from 4 to 7 July 2018. It was a great experience as we learn and communicated with our customer. We learn more about the architecture industry in Malaysia as well around south east Asia region.We have a great time! and hope to see you again in the future! Thank you everybody! #ARCHIDEX 2018

Acrolin Hardcover Binding

Acrolin Hardcover Binding is one of the product that our customer constantly requesting from us. Most of our printing product we will produce as soon as possible ,to hold up to our reputation as a fast digital printing company. Our Company located at Puchong jaya near IOI puchong and Binary collage.For more information please visit our FB and please visit our Instagram

Operation and Manual (O&M)

Esprawell Printing has a professional team at your service Use the most advanced printing equipment Print 30,000 full-color A1 photos per day We can print Operations and Manuals (O&M) for customers --Tender document --Contract documents --As Build documents And free delivery service! You can call:012-290 6788 (Andy) for more information.

sachet and packaging

Sachet Packaging

想要印刷“Sachet”的你,是否遇到了以下问题? 传统印刷,要求数量太大? 大数量印刷时,不仅提高了你的成本,还减低了你的竞争力? 大数量印刷后,还要烦货仓够不够地方放?货屯着,又担心会坏?想要优化包装设计都不敢想? 最头痛的是,印刷了一批一刮就会褪色的”Sachet”,都不知道该怎么办? Esprawell Sdn Bhd(成立于2003年),拥有15年包装印刷经验! 为了帮助和你一样面对以上问题的顾客解决他们的问题,我们改用了最先进的数码印刷! 数码印刷提升了交货速度!快! 很快! 非常快! 大幅度减低了数量的要求! 不但降低成本,还提高竞争力! 解决了货仓问题! 不需要再屯货!随时优化包装设计再印刷! 保证高品质! 即使刮了,也不会褪色! 想要了解更多? 可致电: +6017-412 3788 / +60 12-511 4788 或是Follow我们的网站: [Website]: [FB]: [Instagram]:


Hp PageWide XL 8000
Our latest and high technology printer provide high quality printing.

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